Trying to run your record label using spreadsheets, emails and dozens of online services? Losing track of your stock, sales and invoices?

We'll take care of all of that for you. So you can focus on what truly matters: the music.

Backstash is the first and only online order management-, catalogue- and administration service for record stores and labels. Get started with a free-forever catalogue right now.

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Backstash is the first and only online sales, catalogue & administration service for record stores & labels.

Order Management, Catalogue, Administration. The complete package.

Backstash offers you complete control over your record label and releases in the always-online world.

Present your releases in your online catalogue, let customers order straight from your webshop and process the sales and invoices all from within Backstash.

Backstash is built to take care of the hard and tiresome parts of running a label, so you can get back to why you started in the first place: the music.

Backstash is the first and only online sales, catalogue & administration service for record stores & labels.

meet your new home

The centerpiece of Backstash is the catalogue. It was designed in collaboration with record labels to finetune the necessities of the modern day label.

The catalogue displays a list of all records and when clicked, provides detailed information about the specific record.

Looking for a specific artist, format or genre? No problemo. Ten different filters are available for you to dig through the list.

Need to check which record's stock is low, or what prices might be to high? We've got you sorted (pun intended) with four different sorting methods.

Your catalogue is automatically sync'd with your publicly available one (that we generate for you!), so all info is up to date all of the time. Adding a record to your public catalogue is as simple as pressing the 'Available Online'-button.

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Preorders, orders & backorders,
easier than ever

When your personal catalogue is up-to-date and you're ready to start selling, it's but a button-press away to sync it to your webshop.

Your webshop packs the same robust filters and sorting methods as your catalogue, while also offering a few added functions. The webshop is accessible for everyone, but with the built-in customer management options you can create accounts for trusted stores and labels who then shop at different prices. Offer preorders and backorders and keep your customers updated on their release status.

Setting up payment options is a breeze thanks to integrated payment gateways by Mollie, or keep it locked down and oversee the order first before sending out an invoice.

When your customers are done ordering, they can follow the progress and check previous orders they have placed, all from within your webshop.

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Backstash is the first and only online sales, catalogue & administration service for record stores & labels.

From new order to shipped,

The most joyous times will be had on our order management page. Every past and present order will be summarized here, and clicking any of them will give you complete details on that order. Expect the same ease in finding what you need as in our catalogue, thanks to relevant filters and sorting methods.

Every order will show you all important details, complete with a unique of set of time-saving tools. Change the status of the order, update the customer about his order and when everything is ready: send an automatically generated invoice.

Never lose track of the amount of records ordered and records in stock with our 'approve-system'. Easily assign stock to specific orders while keeping the total amount remaining under control.